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Are there better players than Brady in Madden NFL 2017?

In Madden NFL 17 there are fifteen better players than Tom Brady. No, crucify us, we do not say it but the lords of EA Sports. The very popular video game Madden Football has made public the player rankings of this season’s edition and in them, the star of the New England Patriots does not appear in the top ten, is considered the second best QB … And tied with Cam Newton, in addition.

The best QB of the NFL, according to the Madden, is Aaron Rodgers, just ahead of the aforementioned Newton and Brady. The top five of the game’s supreme position is completed by Ben Roethlisberger and Russell Wilson. Of all the probable holders of the league right now the one that receives the worst appraisal is Mark Sánchez, sunk in the middle of the reserves.

The creators of the video game consider that there are four players in the NFL who rub the perfection and, therefore, take the best ratings. These are Von Miller, J.J. Watt, Rob Gronkowski and Luke Kuechly. Three defenders and a tight end, which do not happen to be the better positions on a football field.

The best receiver is Antonio Brown, the best runner is Le’Veon Bell, the honorary title of best offensive line is shared by Marshal Yanda, Joe Thomas and Tyron Smith, the best high school player is Tyrann Mathieu and the best cornerback Josh Norman.

The Madden saga is admired, basically, for its faithful recreation of what happens in the NFL; and it takes very seriously the elaboration of these rankings because they affect of decisive form to the game. Madden nfl 17 is a great game for players to play, when you join into the games, you must need madden nfl 17 coins for help, which can help you to get the better players and the stronger teams.